End of the Year Promotion: Free large Ceramat (Far infrared ray mat) on the purchase of Ceragem Master V3
or $300 off the total amount on trade-in of older model of Ceragem.

1. How to make a Purchase a Ceragem Master V3
Please click here to purchase Ceragem Master V3. We accept Vista, Mastercard, Discover, American Xpress and Paypal.  
2. What is your Refund Policy for Ceragem Master V3?
All sales are Final. 
3. How long is the Warranty of Ceragem Master V3?
The Warranty is 1 year long from order sales date.   
4. Will My Health Insurance Cover The Cost of the Ceragem Master V3? 
Insurance does not cover the service at the Ceragem Healing Center, but it may cover the purchase of Ceragem.  It depends on your insurance company.  Since Ceragem is 510K FDA approved for pain and stress relief, most PIP (Personal Insurance Protection), Workcom and Flexible Medical ( Flexible Spending Accounts) may end up covering it. 
Find paperwork and articles that support the healing benefits of the Ceragem for your ailment and present them to your Doctor. Have your Doctor draw up a prescription for the CERAGEM Master V3 and then you file a claim to your insurance company with the prescription.
5. When Is The Last Call For Service?
One Hour before we close.
Last Call for Monday-Saturday 5pm on business days
Last Call for Sunday 4pm 
6. When Are Your Business Hours?
Buena Park | (Tuesday: Closed) Mon: 10am-6pm Wedn-Sat: 10am-6pm | Sunday 12pm-5pm
Irvine | (Monday: Closed) Tues-Sat: 11am-6pm | Sunday 12pm-5pm 
7. Do I Need To Make An Appointment for Service? 
Nope! We are a walk-in only facility, Come by anytime with no pressure!  
8. Seriously, How Long is the Longest Wait Anybody Has Waited For Service?
Our Buena Park location has 11 beds and our Irvine location has 10 beds, so seriously, the longest wait has been 30 minutes!  
9. What Is The Referral Program for Service?
Bring a (new) adult friend with you., You BOTH receive a free 54-minute session. 
Available at both the Buena Park and Irvine location.

10. What Is The Review Program for Service?

Visit the Buena Park or Irvine location recently? Leave a review and we'll give you a gift-card for your next visit! 

Let Us Know On Your Next Visit So We Can Reward You!

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 11. I bought a coupon of 2 of 54 minute sessions.  Will it cover for two or should I use it twice?

The coupon can be used for two people at the same time or for one person on two different times.

12. I bought a coupon today.  May I use the coupon today?

Yes, you may.

13. I tried to buy a groupon, but it did not go through.  Why?

The maximum you can buy our coupon is 2: one for yourself and another one for your guest.

Maybe you have exceded the maximum quantity.  In that case you may come to our center and purchase a package deal.