End of the Year Promotion: Free large Ceramat (Far infrared ray mat) on the purchase of Ceragem Master V3
or $300 off the total amount on trade-in of older model of Ceragem.

Ceragem Modes

Standard.   blood circulation, digestion, and better health

Mode 1. M3500 Mode : older Ceragem mode (36 minutes)

Mode 2. Massage mode: helping kids to grow.   Massage only.  For fast stretching  (18 minutes)

Mode 3. Digestion mode: digestion, high blood pressure, diabetics (36 minutes)

Mode 4. Blood circulation mode:  for better blood circulation, high blood pressure, diabetics (36 minutes)

Mode 5. Basic health Mode:  better health for kids (36 minutes)

Mode 6. Energy Mode: more sexual energy (36 minutes)

Mode 7. Study mode: better concentration, better memory, preventing dimentia (36 minutes)

Mode 8. Sleep mode: insomnia, depression, better rest  (36 minutes)

Mode 9. Bodyline mode: slimmer bodyline  (36 minutes)

Manual Mode. Thermal pressure to a specified spot

Semi-Automatic Mode. treatment to a designated area (18 minutes)